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Seaworld Maldives Pvt. Ltd. was registered in the year 1993 and started recruiting manpower from abroad in the year 1994. Seaworld Maldives Pvt. Ltd. is one of the biggest leading and most popular recruitment agencies in Maldives and has dealt with many reputed manpower agencies in the Asia region. Out of all the recruitment agencies in the Maldives, Seaworld is handling the tasks and providing the service of most number of visas of the expatriates in the Maldives. We have the most number of professional staffs who are working energetically and enthusiastically to meet our client's requirements.

We, as a professional staffing agent clearly understand the points of both the employer as well as the employee. Our steadfast commitment to serve our clients with utmost efficiency and responsibility has become the hallmark of our service. We believe that our careful and detailed attention to screening the candidates ensures our success in finding the right candidates. We are able recruit professionals to unskilled across most industries including Hospitality, Construction, Education, Engineering, Finance, Medical, & Food & Beverage etc...


Seaworld Maldives Pvt Ltd
Ma. Rimkha (20230) 1st floor
Dhilbahaaru Goalhi
Male', Maldives
Tel: +960 3345566
Email: info@seaworldmaldives.com.mv, info@employment.com.mv

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